If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?


I feel like I don't have enough pairs of hands to go around lately, does anyone else feel like this? lol.

The past few weeks, Harry (my eldest - he's 10 years old) has been getting headaches quite a lot. Last week I took him to the opticians to have his eyes tested to see if he needed glasses. His eye sight is fine and he doesn't need glasses so that rules that out. I also took him to the doctors who did some tests, checked blood pressure etc. He's give us a 'Headache Diary' to keep track of Harry's headaches but he isn't concerned. Harry hasn't been ill or anything just a dull ache (as he describes it) but with my history of intercranial idiopathic hypertension, I thought it was best to getHarry checked out.
Harry is still playing sports and doing great at school (and of course bickering with his brother and sister, lol!) so I don't think it's serious but still, it doesn't stop me from worrying! I've been making sure Harry drinks enough water and he takes a water bottle to school with him, too. He really does drink a lot so I know it's not dehydration. We'll see how he gets on. Hopefully the headaches subside.

When I went to collect Ellie from school today, I got called into the class room because she had literally just been sick. All over the floor in the class room and all over herself! The teacher said there was no warning - she just vomited! (Which I can quite believe because that's usually what happens when Ellie isn't well. Just in time for bank holiday weekend! Typical). She was sobbing her little heart out, bless her. I think she was embarrassed. Bless her. She's currently laying on the sofa, in her PJS (She had a quick bath) watching cartoons on the T.V. She feels quite warm. There is a tummy big going around the school apparently so I guess she's caught that. I feel really sorry for her. She is drinking plenty of fluids. And I am really hoping and praying that I don't catch it because, well, lets face it, the hole house will come to a stand still if I'm ill! Hopefully the boys won't catch it either. They're off to there dads house tomorrow for the weekend, hopefully it'll be over with by the time they get back.

I am really glad I used the slow cooker today, I don't have to worry about cooking dinner because it's already done. Love it!! I really didn't stick to the meal plan this week as I had bits in the freezer that I didn't know I even had. They needed using up. I'll certainly be using my slow cooker more often, it's great! 

Well, I'm gonna go and try to make Ellie more comfortable, she insisted she didn't want a bed made up on the sofa. I'm also going to disinfect everything and go crazy with the detol spray & try to prevent this bug from spreading (try being the keyword) - I know how to party on Friday night, eh?! Haha.
I think an early night is in also in order for me tonight. *Yawns*

Have a fab bank holiday weekend.

Sarah xXx

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  1. Poor little one. Its horrid when they are poorly. Hope she is feeling better soon.xx

  2. Oh no bless her little heart. She is so adorable even sick. I hope Ellie gets better and the boys don't catch it. I know how that goes with one germ coming in we all get it. We just had the chicken pox for both my kids at the same time. Just hope I don't catch it as I hadn't had it yet. Bless you you really do need more hands. I know the feeling. My toddler decided to become the monster testy toddler this week and I just have no more patience. He was having trouble with his eyes and we had to get him glasses. They played it out like it was normal and that his eye sight wasn't too bad. But when we got the thickest lens we ever did see today I will admit I cried. I worry for how they will be at school with him when he starts next year and he already has things against him like deadly allergies to stick out and be different so this is a tough one to swallow. I am struggling with it so I am so glad to hear your little one doesn't need glasses. I guess I wouldn't mind if they would have told me just how blind my son really was. Makes me want to cry thinking how much he couldn't see before we figured it out. Evolution ehh? Not really working for me here either. hahah thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. Love your blog and glad to see you linking up again. #sharewithme

  3. Oh I hope Ellie is all better now, it's horrible when your little ones are poorly. I understand the frustration with not being able to do everything. We're amazing at juggling though! #sharewithme


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