Reasons to be cheerful & thankful.


It's been quite a stressful week if I'm honest, what with the kids being poorly and the weather being unpredictable. We've not had much outdoors time this week.
Let's see if I can find some reasons to be cheerful and thankful this week.

1) It's the little things in life that make me happy. Look at the lovely letter Ellie wrote for me, aww.

It says "To mummy, I love you lots. Love from Ellie xxx"

2) My grandparents (The kids Gt.grandparents) brought the kids a playhouse to play with in the garden. It's all Birthdays and Christmas' this year, combined. See, they have enough toys for indoors but hardly any foot outdoors & they get MORE than enough presents on there actual Birthday's from everyone else. My grandparents thought a playhouse would be a lovely idea! I know none of there Birthday's are for a while yet but they'll get plenty of use out of it all summer. I thought it was a great idea - and so did the kids! Here's a pic of Ellie playing with her the playhouse. The boys wouldn't let me take there pic. Harry was all "I'm a bit old for this" But then decided he could listen to his MP3 player in it, haha. Charlie wants to plant some flowers in the window box, aww. Hopefully we'll have some nice weather soon, so they can have a proper play in it.

3) I am so thankful and happy that tomorrow is Friday! I hope to have a nice relaxing weekend. Last weekend was a bit hectic with Ellie being poorly and I wasn't feeling great either! (Thanks for sharing your sickness bug with me El, lol!) so here's to hoping for a more chilled out weekend :)

Sarah xXx

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  1. That letter is just the sweetest thing!! And what a brilliant play house :) x

  2. means so much when they write things like that, your kids will have so much fun in that cottage

  3. That letter is the perfect remedy for when you're feeling a bit rubbish, really beautiful. And what thoughtful grandparents, like you.say, hope the weather brightens so they can enjoy it xx

  4. Son is sick too in the last 2 days. He is better today so he can go to school tomorrow. I have chores to do tho =P I can so relate to you being happy its the weekend tomorrow #R2BC

  5. What a lovely letter and a great gift from the grandparents, I agree kids get soooo much that pooling resources is a great idea. Hope you have a great (and healthy) weekend thanks for linking up

  6. I'm a fan of all kinds of letters and all things handwritten, but nothing compares to the sweetest of a child's scribble scrawling printing. How adorable is that! Visiting you via "LetsBeFriends" linkup


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