Reasons to be cheerful 1..2..3


Lots of reasons to smile this week!!

My reasons to be cheerful this week:

My headache has finally eased off a little *touch wood* so I've managed to do lots of housework and catch up on washing etc. Yay!

I love my slow cooker SO much! Who knew it was so easy?! Seriously really love it. I am looking for lots of nice easy slow cooker recipes *cough hint hint cough* So if any of you lovely people have any you'd like to share with me, please do so :) The kids also love the slow cooker! I've tweaked my meal plan a little this week because I had stuff in the freezer that I didn't know was there and it needs using up. Today the kids are having Sausage casserole in the slow cooker as we didn't have the sausages on Monday as planned!

We had a wonderful day on Saturday visiting my grandparents! It's so very beautiful over there. It was lovely to see them, I wish I hadn't of had a headache, I would have enjoyed it a lot more. I did manage to take quite a few photos though. We may go again this weekend, we shall see. We also spotted a beautiful peacock and went to see the swans, the swan tried stealing Ellie's ice cream, haha.

I'm thankful that this weekend is a bank holiday weekend! We don't have any plans for Monday but I was hoping on picnic, if the weathers nice of course, if not we'll picnic inside with a movie or something fun like that.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

What are your reasons to be cheerful this week? Why not join in the blog hop which is hosted by Lakes Single Mum.

Sarah xXx

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  1. Fantastic, lots of lovely reasons :) I keep hearing lots of good stuff about slow cookers but haven't bought one myself yet..maybe I need to start looking around for one?
    I'm glad your headache is easing and hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend x

  2. Fingers crossed for a nice bank holiday for you all! I am going to make mine go out this weekend, if it's nice lol x

  3. so glad you are feeling better! I ought to use my slow cooker more.. but my son hates his food groups mixed together..
    enjoy the long weekend

  4. Glad you are feeling better. I too an the hugest fan of my slow cooker - so easy to get it going and then forget about it and get on with your day knowing a lovely meal awaits when you are ready for it. Sounds like a great day out and I love seeing swans and peacocks. Have a fab Bank Holiday @kateonthinice

  5. Have you check out here for slow cooker recipes, Mediocre Mum has a blog full of them! Have a fab Sunday, Mich x


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