Reasons to be cheerful & thankful.


My reasons to be cheerful and thankful this week...

1) It's half term. I'm glad it's half term, it's been nice not having any routine. Saying that though, It will be nice to get BACK into routine, lol. I've loved having the kids home and spending more time with them.

2) I'm thankful for family. Yesterday I met up with my two sisters, we met in town and had a little look around the shops. We got some chips for lunch and sat along the seafront and ate them. The kids had a great time. They skimmed some stones across the sea and looked for shells. We also had a walk along the pier, the kids had a go in the gokart car things, which they thought was great fun! Ellie was all "I never knew I could drive for real" Haha, bless her.

3) I am thankful for bargains! Especially shoes!! New shoes really cheer me up, especially when they're at a bargain price of £5.99 (suppose to be £19.99). Wedge heal sandals, I love 'em. Not very practical but still, I really like them!

New sandals
Sarah xXx

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  1. What a lovely idea for a blog post. I am thankful and cheerful that after 2 weeks without a car (and Iive in rural France so I really need one) it will hopefully be back on the road next week.

  2. I seriously love those shoes! I love a bargain too! and your day with your sisters sounds lovely xx

  3. I love your new shoes!! So gorgeous :D Have a lovely weekend x


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