Reasons to be cheerful & thankful.


1) I'm very grateful AND thankful for the NHS. I had a doctors appointment this week regarding headaches. I'm being referred to another eye specialist, just to check the pressure behind my eyes to make sure it's not more serious. Hopefully everything is ok. The doctor did say he thinks stress and anxiety probably plays a big part in the headaches and he could well be right. He is a really great doctor, he really listens, you know? So yes I am grateful and thankful for the NHS and nice doctors!

2) It was the boys parents evening on Tuesday, they're both doing really well. I am so very proud of them both! They're well behaved, polite and they both have lots of friends. So proud.

3) The weather has been amazing the last two boys (touch wood) I hope it stays this way. It's been warm and sunny! I've got lots of washing dry on the washing line and the kids have been able to play outside, too! After over a week of rain and dull, miserable days, the nicer weather is more than welcome.

4) AND!! Big news!! Well, big news for me - I've been nominated on bloggers required as 'One To Watch' Yay!! SO thank you to whoever nominated me.

Thankful Thursday 
reasons to be cheerful 

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  1. It is a great feeling to realise your blog is being noticed. I am so very pleased you have checked out the headaches and that you have a good doctor - they are rare in my experience. Well done to your boys too - a good parents evening is the sign of a good mum.

  2. I understand being grateful for a good dr, I have one of those too. Let's hope he puts an end to these headaches! Enjoy the sun, the forecast looks promising for a few days xx

  3. hope you get some answers from your doctor. well done to the boys and you!

  4. Amen to good doctors! Mine is lovely hope things are sorted! Well done to the little ones love a good report! Enjoy the sunshine :) and well done I saw your name on the list yesterday x

  5. a brilliant list to be thankful for, congratulations, well done to your boys too and i too am grateful for our NHS Thanks for linking up


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