10 songs tag (and I tag YOU)


I was tagged by Leopard Print Mommy.
Share 10 songs that mean something to me... So here goes.
I'm well old school when it comes to music so don't laugh, ok? lol. No it's ok you can laugh if you want - I do :D

So the first song. This song reminds me of my childhood after my mum and dad split up. My dad use to play this alllll the time

Yeah, lame but eh.

Second song:
Reminds me of my teenage years! I use to play this over and over and over again. Me and my friends use to sing it and even made up our own dance to it!

Third song, again same reason but reminds me of spending like 3 days in my best friends bedroom doing nothing but listening to music and watching random stuff on T.V. Like, SM:TV, rugrats, sister sister. Etc.

Fourth song was the song me and my other best friend listened to the night before I moved away :( I miss her! And I can not find her on facebook or friends reuinted. Or anywhere else. Idk where she is now and I really WISH we had of stayed in contact.

Next song. This reminds me of my kids SO much. The lyrics are so lovely.

Sixth song. Now when I went into labour with my first son, I went into hospital to be sent home again, well on the way there this song was playing. An hour later I was on my way back to the hospital and again this song was on a different radio station. So it really just reminds me of that and it actually means quite a lot to me. (A bit random I know!)

seventh song, I use to sing this when I was little girl.. .to my grandma. I know totally cheesy. She even recorded me singing it on TAPE, I think I was around 5/6 years old. I wonder if she still has it?

Eighth song - Ha! This song has helped me so much in the past. It's another post for another day but seriously I LOVE this.

Ninth song. My fave movie & my fave ALL TIME SONG! Seriosuly, this holds a lot of memories, like when I can't sleep and I lay there listening to it for hours, or when I watch the movie over and over lol. <3

Tenth song. Me and my fellas song :D I listen to this all.the.time.

Gosh, I could go on with this. lol.

I tag anyone who wants to do this!! I couldn't pick who to tag there fore I tag YOU, lol.
(Tell me in a comment if you do this, I'd love to see your playlist. =D)

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  1. great list!! had to smile when i saw the bwitched song, i loved it so much, even trying to copy the dance from the video x thanks for joining in :) x x

  2. Great list. I heard the bwitched song on the radio about a week ago and me and Toddler were jumping around in the kitchen like loonies to it-great fun.


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