Rain, rain got away (and don't come back 'til at least Sunday!)


Just a quick post again today. I've been so busy this week with sports day, parents evening/afternoons, primary school induction, assemblies ect. Plus, I have been organising everything for Charlies 7th Birthday BBQ. Please pray for a dry day tomorrow, doesn't matter if the sun isn't out (although that would be really nice!) just a dry day so we can have a bouncy castle and BBQ for Charlies birthday. He's never had a Birthday party before (Just a tea party) so this is really important.  It's so wet and raining today, ugh! It's been so nice all week and now we have Rain. Typical!
So much to do today - cooking some of the food - sausage rolls, cocktail sausages etc. Also needed to sweep the garden path but can't do that because of the rain, ugh. And the gazebbo has fell down, double ugh! I'm sue everything will fall into place just as long as the weather brightens up. Here's a screen shot of the forecast. (From BBC weather)

I can handle showers, I can not handle constant heavy rain though. Nor can the bouncy castle. I just need this to go right! *fingers crossed the weather will be okay*

In other news, Charlie went to school today with lollies to hand out to his class mates at the end of the day as a treat for his birthday and of course wearing his birthday badge (even though his birthday isn't until tomorrow but obviously he won't be at school tomorrow). It's also non uniform day & table top sale day, so he'll have a lovely day & this afternoon we have the school assembly :) Anyway, must get off the computer, I have SO much to do! 

Sarah xXx

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