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Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

1) My fella is here!!! Yay!! Always a great reasons to be cheerful. I miss him SO much when he is not here. When he is here I am so much happier and just.. well, we work so well as a team, it's lovely to have some company and some help.
2) Today we took the kids on a picnic by the river (an hour away on the bus!) and then went crabbing, for a walk and the kids even had a bit of a paddle in the river. We also popped into my mums for a coffee (or cold drink in my case.) The best day for such a long time. Such fun.
3) I am really looking forward to the weekend, just to chillax. It is very, very much needed this week, what a busy week we have had! I shall find time to write about it sometime.... (and also catch up on the blogs I follow. Perhaps I'll have chance to get on the computer for longer this weekend. Bare with)

Here's a pic of the fish/shrimpy things we caught today, the kids  thought they were amazing, especially my four y/o daughter, hehe.

Sarah xXx

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  1. All sound lovely reasons to smile! Hope you do chillax

  2. Sounds lovely. Until My Mr moved in I missed him so much, I feel your pain!
    Hope you have a great relaxing weekend x

  3. Fab reasons to be cheerful! Hope you enjoyed your weekend xx


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