Shooting (and a bit of an update)


Gosh. It's all been happening here in North Essex.
For those of you who watch the news would've heard about the double shooting that happened yesterday. A man shot an off duty police officer and another man (with leg injuries). I don't know all the details but the police helicopters were out for HOURS yesterday and police were urging everyone to stay inside as the gunman was on the lose. This happened about 10-15 from where I live so it was very scary!
You can read more about it Here, on the sky news website. [click] It also made the main news on just about every channel I think! EEK.
The gunman apparently killed himself (The above link goes into more detail). My heart, thoughts and love goes out to the police officers (and those involved) loved ones. I can't even imagine.

Charlies BBQ on Saturday went really well! He had an amazing birthday, received some really lovely gifts and some birthday money which he can spend in the summer holls & put some into his savings account :) He enjoyed the bouncy castle, as did the other kids. Also enjoyed pass the parcel and seeing all the family! I still can not believe he is seven years old *sigh* time flies & kids grow waaaaayyy to fast. I love watching him grow and learn new things though. It truly is bitter sweet.

I shall post some pics and do more of an update soon... maybe at the weekend when things here are a little calmer, we have so much going on at the moment - there aren't enough hours in the day!

Sarah xXx

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