Feeling Hot! Hot! Hot!


Gosh, it has been SO hot here today. Me and the kids lounged around in the garden most of the day... well no, ALL day. I thought to myself "Oh, I'll get a lovely tan" Didn't think of applying sun cream to myself (I did the kids obviously) because I never burn. Ever. Then mid afternoon I came inside and realised I had burnt! Badly. I am in total agony now. I know why I have burned, in my bath this morning I put in some bath oil (because I am addicted to it, thought I had rinsed it all off but eh, I was interrupted 9375894 times, my batgh was like 5 mins in and out lol) and me not really thinking about it... yeah, I cooked! Total pain. Never felt pain quite like this before. At least I should go a nice brown colour, right? Have a nice tan? At least on the front of my legs, the back of my legs are white LOL. Should've turned over, except well, I wasn't laying down, I was sitting with my feet up reading breaking dawn part 2. Again. I was paying no attention to my tan, ops.

Anyhoo, the first days of the summer holidays really wasn't that bad, we just chilled today. The kids had a water fight and played in the garden, Harry played football with his friends... wasn't bad at all! Tomorrow however is grocery shopping day and I am braving it on my own. With three kids. ON MY OWN lol. Should be a errrrrrm.... experience, adventure, right? Lol. I think I'll be fine to be honest, I've done lots of times before just not for a while. They're usually quite helpful...I'm sure they'll just keep putting things in the trolly lol. Hmmm, I'll let you know how that goes. Wish me luck. 

And on that note I am off to bed because I am shattered. And my legs are burning... more after sun then BED, lol. 
Night all 

Sarah xXx

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  1. It's so easy to burn! I did the same thing thinking that I never burn and my shoulders were toast. I guess it makes you learn though-I've never burnt since. Hope it all heals up soon.


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