Need thoughts & prayers.


Our kitten Lotti is poorly. Again.
She's not been eating or drinking and has diarrhoea. Also been trying to be sick/cough something up, Idk. I've been syringe feeding her water. Perhaps something is lodged in her throat? Perhaps she's swallowed something? Has a tummy bug? eaten something she shouldn't have/poisoned? I don't know. All I know is I hope she'll be ok. She's off to the vets later. She has lost weight and is probably about the same size she was when I first got her (almost 3 weeks ago, or was it 2? I've lost count!). She is so tiny and fragile. I really NEED for her to be ok.
She's asleep on my bed (I said I would never allow that but eh) away from noise, all snuggled up cosy and warm. Honestly, I really have bonded with her, I love her so much. As do the kids. She is part of my little family.
Please could you keep her in your thoughts/prayers for me.

(Take at the weekend. She is now 8 weeks old ish) 

Sarah xXx

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  1. she is so darned beautiful (big hugs) get well soon little kitty x


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