If you got O2, I feel bad for you son, I got 99 contacts & I can't text one!


Ugh, the O2 network was down yesterday and some of today. I think it's working again now but my BBMs are taking forever to send! So frustrating. I switched my blackberry from 3g to 2g and that solved the problem.. not the bbm problem though, wonder if that's my phone or O2? Hmm. I know, it's not the end of the world but even so.

We had a mini BBQ for dinner tonight, was lush! Just as we'd finished it clouded over & now looks like it is about to rain. Gotta love the British Summer, eh?! I still hope it's nice the weekend though, would be nice to sit out in the garden and play games, read and what not with my daughter. I do love our one on one time while the boys are with there dad.

I feel mega tired today. My own fault. Again. Staying up late watching old episodes of home & away on youtube. Plus, I was finding it hard to sleep last night. I think because my fella went home yesterday and I miss him so much already!

The kids are all good. The boys both got such good reports, I am SO proud of them both. I plan on getting some books from the library so they can continue reading thru the summer. We have LOADS of books but we've read them 9378467 times, lol. I know that there is some summer reading thing, something about reading 6 books? Idk, but that sounds like fun for the kids. They DO love to read!

The kitten is alright, at least I think. She hasn't been her usual playful self and hasn't eaten anything today... yet. Or had much milk. Really not sure what's up with her. I don't think she apprceiated the thunder storms yesterday and last night.

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  1. Well done for squeezing in a BBQ! We bought a new one at the beginning of the year, we've used it once so far and that was ages ago!


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