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Lotti is doing much better now. She is a lot better than she was, still not 100% but much better! I can not tell you how relieved I am. Honestly, I shed a few tears because I hate seeing her poorly, I really wasn;t sure she was going to make it. I just hope she continues getting better! Poor little kitten :( She has lost a lot of weight, I can feel her bones when I stroke her and I HATE that. I've been feeding her fresh cooked chicken breast as advised and will continue to do so mixing it in with her kitten food until she is 100% better. She is on antibiotics and medicine to line her little tummy along with dyralite stuff but for cats obviously, she has 60ml of that throughout the days well as her water which she laps herself and is sleeping in my bedroom, with me. (I know, I said I wouldn't do that because there are SO many hiding places upstairs and plus, it CAN be a bad habit but I just can not bare to leave her alone) She sleeps all night snuggled into me purring. So sweet <3 I really NEED a scratch post for her asap. Lol she is trying to drag my slipper across the room, aww.

Kids are all good. Looking forward to the last five days of school before schools out for summer. Yay! No more rushing around in the mornings like a headless chicken, no having to do packed lunches and school uniforms, yay! However, I am kind of dreading it because I've no idea how I am suppose to keep the kids entertained for such a long time, lol. Just hope and pray for good weather so that we can go to the beach, have picnics, time at the park etc.
We've got an after school tea party Thursday, as the head teacher of the infant school is leaving & Friday is Charlies leavers assembly as he will be leaving infant school & going up to Junior school in September (I can't believe I'll be a mum of two Juniors and an infant, gosh I feel old, lol.) The kids have got cards for the teachers, I just need to buy them a leavers present from the kids, or make one. I don't think Ellie realises she won't be attending nursery any more. At least she'll see the teachers every day as the nursery/pre school is part of the school. And of course her friends will be going up to primary school with her :)

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  1. I'm glad she's doing better.

    And yes, that is a fabulous picture!

  2. Hi Sarah. What a fab picture. Just catching up with your blog now. Thanks for popping over to Village Mama UK and leaving a comment it's always really nice to hear from another blogger. BTW-I think your blog looks great.


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