Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

1) Today it's sunny! This is a reason to be cheerful as we really haven't had much sunshine at all lately. Typical British Summer.
2) Tomorrow is the last day of term for SIX WEEKS. Lots of lazy mornings, no more rushing around (I've been saying this for weeks - I CAN NOT WAIT!)
3) My kitten is better, poor little Lotti has been so, so poorly and at one point I really didn't think she was going to make it (as sad as that sounds) but she pulled thru and is back to being her usual hyper self. Thank goodness!
4) The kids are really happy that it's almost the end of term and they get six weeks off school. Seeing them happy, makes me happy :)

Sarah xXx

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  1. Hope the sun shines during the holidays.

  2. No sunshine here boo! I'm excited that we have 6 weeks off too :) x

  3. Great reasons to be cheerful! x

  4. Love #2 the best thing about the holidays is NOT having to get up so early!!!

  5. Very good reasons to be cheerful! I love the school holidays and letting the routine slide a bit. Although I work, so it doesn't go completely out of the window! :(

  6. So pleased to hear about your kitten getting better.
    We are all celebrating the idea of six weeks without school hassles

  7. It's really nice to hear that someone is looking forward to the summer holidays. All I've heard is doom and gloom from other mums so hurrah for you!

    1. I've heard gloom and doom too, it's nice not to have to rush around and be able to take the kids out! :) Although I do think 6 weeks is a bit long but eh, so far so good! Are you enjoying the summer hols'?

  8. Nice to read your Kitten is well again, 6 weeks holidays!! yep excited as it means we get 2 weeks as a family but will be glad to get back to work...lol..

    Emjoy your holidays xxx

  9. Oh so glad your kitty is alright!!!! And I wish I could give you our sunshine for your rain!!!!


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