5 fun things to do with your kids this Autumn that are cheap or free.


1) Autumn Art - We love arts and crafts and Autumn is such a fun time to do that! Things like

  • Leaf art. When you go out for a walk, look out for some different size leaves in different colours. Take them home, dip them in some paint (reds, browns, yellows etc) and print them onto some plain paper. Awesome!! 
  • Decorate pine cones. Again, when you're out and about this Autumn look out for some pine cones. You could paint them all different Autumn colours. Or decorate them into Christmas tree's by painting them green and adding on little dots of colour (to represent lights/baubles etc), they make lovely home made Christmas ornaments. You could even tie on some ribbon or string and hang them on the Christmas tree. 
  • Paint, colour and/or draw a fall picture using Autumn colours such as reds, yellows, orange and brown. 
  • Sticking and gluing leaves etc - Stick some leaves and twigs to a piece of card (we use the back of a cereal box) and make an autumn picture. Such fun ;D My kiddies like to make "bonfire" and "firework" pictures. 

2) Splash in the puddles. This is one of my favourite things to do with the kids! They love it, too! You're never too old to splash in the puddles, hehe.

3) Go blackberry or apple picking. And make something with the fruit you pick. Crumble is a big favourite. Yummy, blackberry crumble. Mmmm. Get the kids involved, too!

4) Pumpkins - Yay! It's pumpkin season. Ha! We loveeee pumpkins. We love carving them and we really love decorating them, too! The kids usually draw a scary face and then get me to carve. Last year we carved a cat pumpkin. They also really like painting and drawing funny pictures on pumpkins. Great fun!

5) Go for a nice Autumn walk - See how many animals/wildlife you can spot! We spotted a squirrel the other day & a huge big spider spinning a rather large web (eek!) It's also a good time of year for a bug hunt because there are lots of insects around...

I really do love this time of year. I love the colours and the smells! We've made an Autumn bucket list.What do  you like most about Autumn?

Sarah xXx

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