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I'm sitting here watching titanic and I am SO incredibly bored. Don't get me wrong, it's a good film but after watching it 6000 times (probably not far off to be honest), it does get a bit boring *yawns* So I thought I would join in with But why mummy's linky. I'm new to this so do bare with me...
(My kitten is chasing my fingers as I type, daft kitty.)

Some thing I read.

Cathy glass' new book - Will you love me? I read this on my kindle fire, I loveeee my kindle fire!! Such a good book, sad in places but good. I shall get around to writing my review on that this weekend, so look out for that. 

Some thing I watched..

I'm currently watching titanic, or at least sort of watching it and kind of typing this. 

I'm also re-watching LOST again, just because. There's never anything much on television and I get so bored in the evenings so I thought I'd re-watch LOST. I can't wait until Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead start back up again! I know, I really need a life. Ha! 

Some thing I wore..

Well, today is Jeans for genes day. So I wore my jeans, lol. With a purple vest top and black cardi. I'm a casual kind'a girl :-p Ellie also wore her jeans for school, everyone paid £1 and all the money goes to the Jeans for genes charit. 

Some thing I listened to..

Hey there Deliah by Plain White T's 

I know it's old!! But I like it, it's one of those songs that I just LOVE. I hadn't heard it for a while but it cameo n the radio when I was in the shop today. I haven't really listened to much music at home this week because I've had a headache. So hopefully that counts! 

Why not share your things YOU love. Pop over to But Why Mummy to find out more. 

Sarah xXx  

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