A perfect walk.


When we were in Liverpool we went for a lovely walk and then had a  game of footy on the big field.

We are really making the most of the weather now because it won't be long before the weather changes... 

We spotted some blackberries which the kids LOVED! We saw some horses, the kids also loved those! We stroked there noses, Ellie thought it was hilarious, lol. There was a beautiful stream with a small 'waterfall'. Ellie adored all the purple flowers, her favourite colour is purple, hehe. It was a very relaxing walk.

On the way home the kids had a game of footy, all three of my kiddies love footy so it was the perfect way to finish our evening off :-) 

We really did have an amazing time in Liverpool, I shall be posting more about our Liverpool trip over the next week or so.

Sarah xXx

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