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They cage animals at night - Jennings Burch. 
"Burch was left at an orphanage and never stayed at any one foster home long enough to make any friends. This is the story of how he grew up and gained the courage to reach out for love."

Not the best written book I must say BUT it is a sad, true life story about Jennings going from orphange to orphange, from foster home to foster home when his mother gets sick. The first time he went into a foster home he was very scared and confused little boy, he didn't really know where he was or why he was there. He felt very alone. One night an adult opens a cupboard (Jennings refers to as a cage) full of soft toys and that is were he meets "doggie" a cuddly dog who becomes Jenning's only friend. Along the way Jennings does go back to his family but his mother keeps getting sick and he ends up in another orphanage  this 
happens a few times. He does make friends a long the way. I can't really write too much because I don't want to spoil it for others. 
This is a sad story but it's real life, it's inspiring and it is worth giving a read! 
Four stars from me. 

Will you Love me?: Lucy S story: The heartbreaking true story of my adopted daughter and her desperate search for a loving home by Cathy Glass. 

"The eleventh memoir and latest title from the internationally bestselling author and foster carer Cathy Glass. This book tells the true story of Cathy s adopted daughter Lucy.

Lucy was born to a single mother who had been abused and neglected for most of her own childhood. Right from the beginning Lucy s mother couldn t cope, but it wasn t until Lucy reached eight years old that she was finally taken into permanent foster care.

By the time Lucy is brought to live with Cathy she is eleven years old and severely distressed after being moved from one foster home to another. Withdrawn, refusing to eat and three years behind in her schooling, it is thought that the damage Lucy has suffered is irreversible.

But Cathy and her two children bond with Lucy quickly, and break through to Lucy in a way no-one else has been able to, finally showing her the loving home she never believed existed. Cathy and Lucy believe they were always destined to be mother and daughter it just took them a little while to find each other." 

Those of you that have read my blog for a while will know that I am HUGE Cathy Glass fan. She is truly an amazing foster carer, a true inspiration and this world needs more people like Cathy. Anyway here's my thought on this book - I LOVED it! Yes, it was sad but do you know what? It has such a happy ending. Cathy tells her story about how she came to adopt Lucy. This book is a little different from Cathy's other books IMO. It really is very good and I recommend you read it! Five stars from me! 

Too Hurt To Sat - Casey Watson 

"Eight-year-old Spencer takes himself to social services and demands to be taken into care. It’s a desperate act, a cry for help, but his parent’s reaction – good riddance – speaks volumes. Immediately Casey’s hackles are up for this poor child: it seems he either comes to live with the Watsons, or he’ll be sent to a children’s home.

Spencer is the middle child of four siblings. His parents claim all their other kids are ‘normal’ and that Spencer was born ‘vicious and evil’. Casey and her family are disgusted – kids aren’t born evil, they get damaged. Although when vigilante neighbours start to take action and their landlord threatens eviction, Casey is stretched to the limits, trying desperately to hold on to this boy who causes so much pain and destruction.

Casey is determined to try and understand what Spencer is going through and help him find the loving home he is so desperately searching for. But it’s only when Spencer’s mother gets in touch with social services for the first time that gradually everything starts to make sense" 

Another really good book by Casey Watson. 
This is a true life story about a little boy who ends up in the care system. Casey and her husband Mike foster Spencer. I don't want to say too much because I don't want to spoil it. It is sad yet really funny in places, too! Spencer is certainly a little character who comes across as a lot older than the age of eight. 
This book is very well written, I love the way Casey writes! Casey and her husband Mike are very inspirational people indeed. Loved this book and I loved the little follow up chapter at the end. The follow up chapter at the end gives a little update on how Spencer's life turns out once he left The Watson family.  Five stars from me.

I think next month I may read something a little different... What is everyone reading at the moment? 

Sarah xXx 

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