When we went to Southport.


If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know we went to Liverpool a couple of weeks ago (and if you're new to my blog, a big hello to you!). I haven't got around to posting about everything we did in Liverpool so I thought I would share our day out in Southport. I'd never been to Southport before & all I knew was it's a seaside town and a major tourist attraction up North.

We left early on the Tuesday morning and caught the train to Southport from Liverpool. The train ride was under an hour, so not too bad at all! The kids love train journey's, hehe. 

When we got there we headed straight for the fair, Ellie and Charlie went on a couple of rides, a dragon roller coaster and merry go round car thingys, they loved that! Harry is petrified of rides and refused to go on any. Even with me. So he did the 'fish for a duck' and 'penalty shoot out' which was right up his street. 
We walked along the beach on the way home. Wow what a HUGE beach and lovely sand! We finished off with some sausage and chips and a few go's on the carousel. What fun!  

Ellie got to meet sponge bob who was hanging out along the arcades. Charlie also got to meet him (but no pic I'm afraid as there are other children besides my own in the photo). The kiddies had fun on the 2p machines! On the way back to the train station (which was a short walk away) we went in the souvenir shop and brought some rock and an ice cream. Yummy. 

Over all it was a really good day! The kids had such a great time in south port. Lots of playing on the beach and fair. Lots of things to look at.. We loved the pond where you can hire boats (definitely gonna do that next time!) It was a really good day and we can't wait to go back! 

Sarah xXx 

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