Our Autumn bucket list.


I honestly can't believe how fast this year is going... It's just... flown by!
I really love this time of year - Autumn. I love the smells and the sound of leaves crunching under my boots. Toffee apples and fruit pies! Mmm. It's not too cold but it's not warm either, perfect weather in my opinion. The nights get dark just at the right time and the mornings get lighter also at the right time! The leaves always look so pretty changing colour and falling off the trees. It also means I can wear my scarves, I love my scarves! What's your favourite time of year?  Then there's Halloween!! My kids really LOVE Halloween. To be honest, they just love dressing up, which they do any time of year but Halloween also means toffee apples which are very popular in this household, hehe. We really need make some Halloween plans. Do you have  any plans for Halloween? I also need to organise the kids clothes and chuck out any that no longer fit and that are not suitable for winter. I shall be doing that this week and digging out our warmer clothes..

Here's our Autumn family bucket list. 

1) Pick blackberries.  
2) Carve a pumpkin 
3) Have a bonfire (Melted marsh mellows!) 
4) Make leaf art with the kids 
5) Splash in the puddles
6) Go for a walk and jump in the leaves! 
7) Decorate pine cones/acorns  
8) Halloween!! 
9) Make Halloween art. 
10) Family movie nights! 

Do you have an Autumn bucket list?
I'd love to read it :) 

Sarah xXx 

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