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I can't believe that my children are now in years 1, 4 and 5. Craziness. Time seems to go so fast these days. The kiddos are growing up sooooo fast. It feels a little bit surreal sometimes.

This morning was a bit chaotic. Ellie just didn't want to co operate, she was very grumpy as you can see in the pic but once we started to walking to school, she spotted some of her friends along the way and she was soon smiling and excited to be going back to school! She loves her new class teacher and was very excited to see all of her friends!
The boys were ever so excited! Especially Harry. He had missed his mates so much. We were early and all the parents and children were lined up outside the school gate, Harry soon spotted his group of friends and off he went. Apparently I can no longer give Harry a kiss or hug good bye because (and I quote) "it's embarrassing and I'm not a little kid anymore mum" He's none going on thirteen!! Charlie soon found his mate and they all walked into school together! Bless 'em.
They all really enjoyed there first day back and were really tired tonight, awww.
And If I'm honest I did enjoy the peace but oh my goodness, I missed them like crazy!! I was fifteen minutes early this afternoon, picking them up from school but I didn't mind waiting, I was eager to hear all about there first day back.

Sarah xXx

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