Our new fur baby... #Caturday *Edited*


Last week, we got a new kitten. He's an nine week old rescue-ee. the mummy cat was feral and is thought she died leaving three little baby kitten behind. Just two weeks old. They were rescued by a very sweet lady who runs a cat charity. She then hand reared the three kittens that were left behind. Praise that woman, she deserves a medal for all the work she does for all the cats!

Lenni - 8 weeks old with his toy dog to keep him company lol.

I fell instantly in love with Lenni, I knew he was the kitty for us! We do already have a cat who is 15 months old. She's a tortoiseshell cat with a very unique personality.. and attitude, lol. Her name is Lotti. She's very close to me.
She hasn't taken all that well to the new baby kitty though, so I've separated them for now. I'm introducing them very slowly and carefully. I know she wouldn't ever hurt Lenni. Of course I've given her extra attention and some treats. She sleeps on my bed most nights or on my daughters bed with her. Awww.

Lotti - 14 months old

Despite Lotti keep growling at Lenni, he has settled in very well. He loves to run along the wooden floor and randomly leaps into them air, lol. I'm sure he's ninja kitty in disguise, hehe. He loves cuddles and falling asleep on my shoulder! He can be quite mischeivious and he's already chewed the cable of my earphones for my phone, little rascal. The kids adore him and he doesn't seem to mind them either.

Lenni - 8 weeks old

I love my fur babies. I'd have so many cats if I could, lol. I really AM the crazy cat lady! There's a stray cat that I'm trying to catch so cat protection can take him in and re-home him but it's a bit of a mission to be honest, I'll get there eventually! I really love cats, in case you couldn't tell, lol. 

Do you have any pets? 

Sarah xXx
Lotti. Summer 2013


EDIT: Sadly out beautiful little Lenni was put to sleep in January 2014. He had serious problems with his liver. It was one of the hardest things I have EVER had to do. It was not an easy decision but I couldn't bare to see him suffer. I never, ever want to experience that again. We miss him dearly. He's burried in our back garden. We will never forget him. He has certainly left paw prints on our hearts.
I think about him ALL the time. I miss him dearly.
R.I.P sweet Lenni xxxxx

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