Our Summer In Pics


I took over 3000 photos this summer! Obviously I can't share them all, but I thought I would share some of our best moments from Summer 2013.

The summer started off with Charlie's Birthday at the start of July. We went to the school fete and lots of nice walks. We also visited my grandparents which was great fun as where they live they have a communal swimming pool which family members are allowed to go in for free.

We were lucky enough to be able to go to Liverpool. 
We explored the area we were staying (with family) and went to local parks!

 We picked blackberries and saw some lovely horses.

We went for a family day out in Southport. It was AMAZING! 
Ellie met Sponge bob and the kids went on the carousel/merry good round.
We had fish and chips for tea and had some sweet Southport rock! Yummo.

The kids also camped in the back garden, while we were in Liverpool! 
They had great fun, hehe. 

 We got a new fur baby, Lenni...
EDIT: Sadly Lenni was PTS in January 2014. 
He was very sick, there was something wrong with his liver.

And then the kids went back to school.

We had an amazing Summer. I love this time of year - Autumn! However... the weather has drastically changed this past week. It's turned cold, windy, wet and dull! Hopefully though, we will have some nice Autumn weather before winter approaches. 

Sarah xXx

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  1. 3000 photo's! I thought I was bad. Brilliant photo's though.


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