Toothache is the worst pain ever.


Ugh. Last night I felt something really odd at the back of my mouth. I had a look in the mirror and sure enough there was an abscess. It didn't actually feel too bad, just uncomfortable. This morning however, I was in really, really bad pain. I managed to get myself and the kiddies ready for school. Dropped them off at school and then came home to make an emergency dentist appointment. I had an appointment for 11am, I got there, the dentist looked in my mouth and I have a broken tooth at the back and an abscess, so she prescribed me antibiotics and told me to go make another appointment to have the broken tooth removed :( She asked me if I was okay  to be awake for it, I told her I was ok with it. Despite being petrified of dentist's I just need it sorted out and I know that if I have to go to a dental hospital I will be waiting weeks for an appointment. In the mean time, I am to take the antibiotics - one 3 times a day and I have some pain killers for the pain. The dentist forgot to stamp the prescription so I had to go allllll the way back after I picked the kiddies up from school. I've finally got my antibiotics, I just hope and pray they kick in soon and that they help because I can't bare this pain. It sucks.
 Now, I have suffered with toothache before but not quite like this, this is a whole other level of pain. I actually suffer badly with my teeth, despite me brushing my teeth twice a day (at least!) using mouth wash and what not, I still suffer, I have nice straight teeth and I take care of them. My dad is the same - we both suffer badly with toothache. It's weird isn't it?! (Probably doesn't help that the broken tooth is a baby tooth, which is why it broke. Strangely enough the same thing has happened the other side of my mouth and that is also a baby tooth! I'm twenty eight and still have baby teeth. Well two halves. It's not exactly a good thing though.. I don't think).

Well, I just needed to have a moan about it because I am feeling sorry for myself! Hopefully I will get some decent shut eye tonight and wake up tomorrow in not so much pain!

At least the kids have been well behaved and even been helping me with housework *shocked face*. It's funny trying to watch Ellie sweep the floor with the broom which is double her height, LOL! She insisted though and I thought why not let her have a try while she's feeling helpful. Of course, I had to sweep it after but at least she made me chuckle and she wanted to help, bless her. Charlie tidied all the shoes and Harry helped put the dishes away. If only they could be as helpful every day.....

I'm off for a nice hot bubble bath and to have a read of my book!

Sarah xXx

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  1. Hi Sarah. I feel bad that you had to suffer such a terrible toothache. But it is so cute that your kids behaved well and even helped you with chores while you were in pain. Hopefully, you'll feel better and are able to show off your pearly smiles without pain. :)

    Calandra Novak @


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