Happy 6th Birthday, Ellie!


I can not believe Ellie is six years old today. It's madness how fast time flies.
Ellie was born at 12:01pm on 16th September 2013, weighing 6lb 10oz.
It doesn't seem possible that she was born six years ago!! SIX!! Craziness.
Ellie is really growing up, she's outgoing, out spoken and certainly an out-doorsy girl. She's smart, funny and sweet and is becoming more and more independent every day. She's also becoming more girly.

We celebrated Ellie birthday yesterday with family and friends as she had school today. We had a lovely little tea party with lots of yummy party food and nibbles. Ellie opened some of her presents yesterday (from other people) and got to play with her best friend and two little cousins! She had a really lovely time. 

Today, we celebrated her birthday, just us. We had a special birthday tea and birthday cake. Chocolate birthday cake which Ellie picked herself! Yummy. She got to open more of her presents today from us. She has found a new love to collect - sylvanian families! She LOVES them. Yay! 

Happy Birthday Ellie. 

Ellie is so tired now, lol! She's just about ready for a bedtime story and sleep. She has had a lovely birthday with lots of nice presents, yummy food and of course love and attention! She took some sweets into school to share with her school friends and everyone sung 'Happy Birthday' to Ellie. Her brothers have played, sang and goofed around with her today. They've all had such fun. 
I'm exhausted... I think we all need an early night. 

Sarah xXx

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