Decorating for Christmas (for cheap.)


Is it just me that hasn't put the Christmas tree up yet? Lol. I would be tempted to put mine up but I don't have one yet lol.
Anyway I thought I would share some tips on saving on Christmas decorations...

Decorating for Christmas can be a bit expensive. Especially if the cat ruined all your baubles last year (like mine did, along with the Christmas tree.). It really doesn't have to be expensive though. I've picked up some really great bargains this year! I can't afford to spend a bomb on baubles. Especially as I have another kitten (and an adult cat) who is likely to pull the baubles off and probably climb the tree causing it to topple over, so it really isn't worth spending a small fortune on decorations that risk the possibility of ending up broke. (Ha! I know what to expect this year!!)

I walk past our local charity shop every day while picking the kiddos up from school. There Christmas display in the shop window looks so inviting. I went in to check it out and came out with this:

I paid £2.50 for ALL of that! It's half a box full of baubles and other random things to put on the tree (I love the little gold angels). I went in two different days though, they had different things in both days, yay. As you can see, some of them haven't even been used, they've still got the tags on and are in the wrapper! Awesome. I know people can be a bit 'funny' about buying things from charity shops but things like Christmas decorations - who can tell they're even from a charity shop?! It's a win, win -I've got a bargain and the charity has some money for the cat rescue centre.
Plus, I already have a few things left from last year that managed to escape the cat. And I've picked up a few other cute things over the past few weeks, just here and there...

I suppose I've spent roughly £10, or just under! Not bad huh? I love the owls so much. I already have Christmas tree lights and lots of tinsel from last year. We're so excited for Christmas!!

I also found our Christmas stencils, some fake snow spray and window stickers in our Christmas box. All can be picked up cheap from the pound shop. You can also try making your own Christmas tree decorations. There are lots of ideas on pinterest that are really easy, cheap and great fun, too! We made some salt dough ornaments last year. Also buying Christmas decorations etc in the sales AFTER Christmas ready for the next year is a good way to save money on decorating for Christmas! :)

Now I just need a Christmas tree.. and how to keep the cats away from the tree, hmm.

Do you have any tips for saving for Christmas?

Sarah xXx

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