Reaons to be cheerful (week 48)


My reasons to be cheerful this week...

1) Bargains. I do love a good bargain! I got the boys and Ellie a Christmas pressies each from ARGOS as they were half price! Yay! I have only just started Xmas shopping and it's going very slowly *sigh* But it's a start.. I have also picked up a few bargains on Christmas decorations. I hope to get a tree next week.

2) I'm happy that the kids are better. Last week they were all sick with tummy bugs but they are finally better. Woohoo. *Touch wood* that's over with now..

3) I've started working out and I feel SO much better for doing so. I hope I can loose a few lbs before Christmas. Wish me luck guys. :D

What are your reasons to be cheerful this week? Why not join in the linky below, hosted by Lakes Single Mum.

Sarah xXx

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