Winter Bucket list


So Winter is fast approaching and I thought I would make a Winter Bucket List. I love this time of year, although it is rather stressful with the build up to Christmas! I think having a bucket list will help. A before and during Christmas bucket list. This might be long though because there is SO much I want to do, lol. 
I'll probably make another one after Christmas. I made us an Autumn bucket list, we completed almost everything on the list! I'm rather proud of us for achieving most of the goals on the list! Yay! Our winter bucket list is going to be so much fun... (could I use the word 'list' many more times, lol!)

  • Make paper snowflakes 
  • Have a PJ day!! (kids will love this lol)
  • Take photos of winter! 
  • Learn to knit. 
  • Winter arts and crafts!! (The kids fave)
  • Make a cotton wool snowman. 
  • Learn at least two new recipes. 
  • Bake a chocolate cake! 
  • Sort ALL the toys out! 
  • Read more!!! 
  • Make some Christmas cookies! 
  • A new Xmas eve tradition. 
  • Watch at least five winter/Christmas movies 
  • Make a new Christmas tradition. 
  • Make home made Christmas decorations with the kiddies.
  • Send out Christmas cards (I am usually so bad at this!) 
  • Teach the kids a new Christmas song!
  • Have family over for Christmas. 
  • Kids write letters to Santa 
  • New years celebrations!!  
  • Christmas photos of the kiddies. 
  • Let the kids take photos of Christmas.
What are you most looking forward to this winter? 
Have you made a winter bucket list? I'd love to have a read! Leave a link in a comment! :) 

Sarah xXx

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  1. Great list.
    Many of those I would like to do too

  2. What a great idea to write up a list.... I really need to do this, in fact, I am GOING to do this. Thanks. xx

  3. A lovely idea to have a seasonal bucket list, much better than a to do list

  4. Great and fun list hope you get to do all of them x x x


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