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I've just given my blog a makeover. I'm not really sure what I think of it. I really, really loved my Autumn one but obviously, I couldn't keep that with it being almost winter lol. I want to make something Christmasy but I so don't have any more patience, lol. What do you guys think of my blogs new look?I'd love to hear what you guys think. Honestly, I will not be offended if you think it's a bit too much/doesn't match or whatever :)

 I have had a nightmare with paint shop pro, it wouldn't open. So I reinstalled it. Then it wouldn't open any images and now it does work but keeps freezing. My banner has taken the best part of the weekend (off and on of course!) to make, lol. I downloaded a free scrap booking kit (which I spotted months ago) and used it with paint shop pro.

Charlie went to his friends Birthday party tonight and had a brilliant time! It was LEGO theme, lol. Right up Charlies street, hehe. I blitzed my front room today, pulled out the sofa's, table etc and cleaned all under everywhere... found EIGHT of Ellie's hair bands, I wondered where they had gone, lol.

Right, I need to go, I can hear the bath calling my name... a nice hot bubble bath, yay!

Sarah xXx

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