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This weeks #TheGallery theme is "A younger me"
I don't have that many photos of me when I was a child.
In fact this is the only two I have on my computer. Theey are photo's of photo's, so not great quality I'm afraid.

The first one is me as a Bridesmaid at my auntie and uncles wedding when I was eight years old. It is one of the days I remember most when I was little! I was so excited to be a bridemaid (for the first time!) My little sister and aunties niece were also Bridesmaids with me. :)

And the second photo is me aged about three or four years old in my nan and granddads garden! My grandparents still have that windmill and I still have that jumper (that I think either my mum or grandma knitted) in the loft somewhere... I don't have many possessions from my childhood so it's quite precious to me. I do love to hoard stuff... lol.  Me and my siblings use to love playing with that windmill and now my children love playing with it when we visit my grandparents (I should get a photo!!)

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Sarah xXx

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