...The holidays are coming...


I can't believe it's already 11th November!! Time is going way too fast.
I really need to get my thinking cap on regarding Christmas. Especially now I've seen the coke-a-cola "The holidays are coming" advert, lol. LOVE that advert! I think my grandparents are possibly coming over to ours on Christmas day - weather permitting. They live a good 45 mins drive away and my granddad can't drive in the snow/ice. Not that far anyway! We would really love them to come for Christmas.I've got our Christmas day meal plan almost complete (Will share that closer the time!!).

I also need to figure out what to get the kids for Christmas. Ellie's main present is sorted, I think I know what to get the boys for there main present and I'd like to get them all some new PJ's and slippers but as for everything else.. I've got no idea! LEGO is a good idea for them all because they all play with that together really well and they all enjoy it, too! Ha, so do I :-P such a big kid. I really do need to have a good long think about it though.

I haven't even got a Christmas tree. My cat ruined our one last year. I have however, had a look about to price some up! I've seen a couple that I like but hoping they either go on sale or they bring the price down lol. One can wish. I've seen some lovely Christmas decorations for tree's, too. See, the cat also ruined those last year too! And now my cat (that was a kitten last year) has grown out of the kitten stage and isn't really interested in everything that lights up, moves or balls... I now have another kitten who I dare say will find Christmas very entertaining.. Oh the joys lol!

As far as presents go at this moment in time, I really haven't brought a lot :-/ I'm not organised AT ALL! Ugh. I say every year "I will start early next year and be done with Christmas shopping by November" But I never do, lol! Am I the only one who says this but it just never happens? I keep seeing people's posts on Facebook saying "I've finished my Christmas shopping" And I'm sitting over here like "Errrm, I have hardly even given it a thought let alone finished!!" lol. At least I've brought some Christmas cards and wrapping paper. And the odd food item.. so far. So that is at least something....

I really do love Christmas and I am excited about it, the lead up to Christmas though, is just very stressful! Although, it is all totally worth it because Christmas is only once a year! I love spending time with the family, all the lovely food, the Xmas tunes and the cozy Christmas films. Now just need to get organised so I can enjoy all of those things! :) I'm gong to get started on our winter bucket list, in the very near future too!

What are your plans for Christmas?

Sarah xXx

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