Slumberdown Kids Quilted Waterproof Mattress Protector {Review}


When I was asked if I'd like to test and review the Kids quilted mattress protector I jumped at the chance. Ellie has a mattress protector on her bed in case of any accidents. The toilet is after all downstairs! So having a mattress protector on is best to be safe than sorry.  
As it states on the website: 

"The Slumberdown kids waterproof mattress protector offers great protection for beds all night long, helping prolong the mattress life. Extra quilted for comfort the waterproof mattress protector has a polyester filling with a polycotton cover. Machine washable" 

I couldn't wait to put this on Ellie's bed! Off came the old one and on went the new! This mattress protector is very quilted for extra comfort and doesn't make the awful squeaky noise that other mattress protectors make when you move around in bed! It of course makes a little noise but nowhere near as squeaky as the old one! It fits Ellie's single bed perfectly! It's very easy to put on. Unlike her old one, I use to have to stretch it over the corners. No need with this new  mattress protector, it goes on really easy and is a nice snug fit around the mattress! It also doesn't slide off in the night! Her bed is really comfortable and you really can not tell that there is even a mattress protector on (except that her bed is more comfy with this mattress protector on).

The mattress protector on Ellie's bed

It lives up to it's "waterproof" name. While Ellie was watching a movie in bed yesterday afternoon, she was engrossed in the movie that she spilled a little of her drink (from her sports water bottle) on the bed and sure enough it did not go through to the mattress! I am impressed! It's also handy because this mattress protector is machine washable at 40 degrees. 

You can really see how quilted it is!
It's very comfy.
Ellie slept soundly all night, with no complaints. No more terribly squeaky mattress protector that slides off half way thru the night! Winning! 

You can buy this kids quilted mattress protector from tesco direct for just £10.50 which is very reasonable considering the good quality! And don't forget, you are also prolonging the life of the mattress too. It's a definite win. So if you're looking for the perfect mattress protector, I highly recommend this mattress protector. 

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Sarah xXx

I was sent this products for the purpose of this review. This review is my own, personal, honest opinion! 

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  1. nice post for baby care...
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  6. This looks ever so comfortable, and always a good idea to have on a kids bed - just in case! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  7. This would be fab for carson, can't believe you can buy them for 10.50 too! Thanks for sharing your post with us xx
    I've come over as part of #triedtested and would love you to pop on over to to say hi too!

  8. This would be fab for Cody, we are just on the toilet training journey and I really want to be able to protect his bed. Popping over from #TriedTested Linky

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