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This week, the kids have all been poorly. Harry came down with a tummy bug on Sunday. Charlie came down with it on Tuesday and Ellie yesterday afternoon. Ellie is not going to school today but I do think she's over the worst. I hope!! I had to cancel parents evening :( I've had a constant headache and blah! And wit hthe weather being wet, cold and miserable, I'm having a hard job to be cheerful, lol. It's hard to look for reasons to be cheerful but I think I need to do this just to remind myself that there are reasons to be cheerful.

1) I've won a couple of competitions this past couple of weeks. I have been entering as many as I can, like a crazy woman lol. It's a massive help towards Christmas. Really can not afford a lot this year.  won some lovely horses for Ellie but silly me - opened  them infront of her not realising what they were!! I'll be more cautious next time, lol. Never mind at least she likes them :-) In fact she hasn't stopped playing with them, hehe.

2) My kitten is getting better! He's almost back his usual vicious happy self, lol. His eyes are better (he had an eye infection) and he's getting over the cold now. He kept sneezing and would make himself jump. Bless. So glad he's getting better. Also glad the kids are getting better but I don't want to speak too soon....

3) Another reason to be cheerful is - central heating!!! Oh my goodness, it's so cold but thankfully we're lucky enough to have heating. A few winters back, when the kids were babies and toddlers we lived in a private rented house, with no central heating. The storage heaters didn't work either. It was a very cold winter for us! We used little electric heaters but they were nowhere near as good as proper heating! Not to mention they were expensive. It didn't help that the windows were very drafty, too. So glad we don't have to go thru that again.

See, now I feel a bit more cheerful for reminding myself that there are reasons to be happy (and grateful!) Why not join in the blog hop which is hosted by Lakes single mum

Sarah xXx

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  1. Oh my goodness Sarah,it sounds like you have had a right old time with that tummy bug! Glad the kids are all getting better now ( fingers crossed ) x


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