LEGO® Review. {Creative bucket & LEGO® friends}


LEGO® is very, very popular in our house! It's one of the only toys that my three children will actually sit down nicely and play together. So when I was asked to review some LEGO® from Argos I was ever so excited. You can never, ever have enough LEGO. You can never spend too much time playing with LEGO, either! Lego is for all ages. In fact, I don't think I know anyone who doesn't like LEGO.

The LEGO creative bucket.

We were sent this lovely LEGO® creative bucket. And creative it certainly is! This bucket of LEGO is age four and over. It includes an instruction book, full of building ideas! It contains so many different LEGO bricks, all different shapes and sizes, to build lots of creative things with.I feel that the creative bucket of LEGO® would make a perfect starter kit or to add to any collection.

The kids could not wait to get stuck into it! Even Harry (aged 10) loves LEGO and he doesn't really ever play with toys but LEGO is an exception. LEGO really encourages them all to play together. This kept the kids entertained for a good couple of hours.They made all kinds of things, they really used there imaginations! Charlie made a truck from the instructions booklet (The booklet great for inspiration!)and Ellie made an enclosure for her giraffe.

      Charlies (age 8) truck           Ellie's (age 6) Giraffe enclosure.
I honestly think the LEGO® creative bucket is well worth £19.99. It contains so many different, bright bricks in many shapes and sizes and endless fun for the little ones (and adults! Even I had fun playing with this, lol). LEGO is perfect for a family activity and encourages everyone to play together. Argos sell a good selection of LEGO and all reasonably priced, too. The creative bucket would make the perfect gift for any child over the age of 4 years old.

"LEGO is the best toy ever" Is what Charlie says about LEGO.
"I don't think I'll ever get bored of LEGO" is what Harry had to say! 
"LEGO is good fun" is Ellie's opinion on LEGO.

 We were also sent a LEGO Friends assortment playset which Ellie loved! She built this all by herself. 

There are a few sets to choose from. Each set comes with one animal habitat & accessories. One supplied and styles may vary! These are aged 5 and over. For £2.99, I really think these are well worth the money. You can also add regular LEGO to this, too. The bricks are the same size as regular LEGO. Ellie really, really loves hers and she is so proud of herself by building it all by herself, hehe. She has not stopped playing with it ALL weekend! I think we may have just found something else for Ellie to collect, lol!

I don't think we will ever get bored of LEGO. :) 

Sarah xXx

This is my own, honest, personal opinion. We were sent this LEGO for the purpose of this review. 

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  1. does ANYONE dislike lego?! Great review :-) #triedtested

  2. My girls love Lego! It's the one toy they'll play together with nicely Lego must bring out the best in people x

  3. Love Lego, really want to get one of these for my little boy as I like them so much more than kits, you've sold it to me.


  4. It isn't possible to dislike lego. We love it and this is a great review! #TriedandTested

  5. My three will all play with Lego for hours :) Best thing ever! #MiniCreations

  6. Lego is one of the things that we 3 love in our household. Husband bought some big box ones to be opened when our son is old enough. The best toy ever for us. #MiniCreations

  7. Ah Lego, you're right it's awesome. My two love it too. Great review. #MiniCreations

  8. Lucas says - Lego is MEGA. It's one of my favourite toys too - I like Star Wars lego best but these are AWESOME #minicreations :) MEGA High-5's to you guys

  9. We love Lego too, my children now play with the Lego I had as a child at Nanny's house. #minicreations (Sarah H writes Loving life with little ones)


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