The one that's really random, lol.


I''ve had a headache pretty much all weekend. Actually since Friday morning. It's driving me crazy. Although, I think I do deal with the headaches a lot better than I did a year ago. I don't think people realise how hard it is to sometimes "just get on with it", at least not when the headache is REALLY bad! At least it hasn't been *that* bad, thankfully *touch wood*. It is a bearable dull ache behind my eyes (it's hard to explain), just annoying more than anything. Especially when I feel constantly sick with it sometimes, ugh. I have an appointment next month with the eye consultant. I wonder if the pressure behind my eyes has built up again? I really hope not. Especially right on top of Christmas. know a lot of it is because I find it hard to sleep at night. I suffer with insomnia I guess. I'll be mentioning all of this to my GP when I see him next. Am lucky to have a really good G.P. I also need to start eating better again. Last time I quit eating junk food for a few weeks, I felt SO much better in myself! It's amazing that changing something as small as that can really make a difference.

Speaking of Christmas, I am really hoping to start my Christmas shopping this week.. just a few small presents for the kids maybe. I'm going to sit down and write a list tomorrow. A list of what I need to get. Which is basically everything. I am so unorganised and money has been really tight. However, I am budgeting better now. And I have been entering competitions like a crazy woman lol, you know, to help out with Xmas. Anything I win would be a bonus! :-)

I am really looking forward to Ellie's parents evening this week at some point. I can't wait to hear about her progress. I know she's made A LOT of progress because she's always writing short stories and her spelling has really improved. The boys parents evening was a few weeks ago and both boys are doing great! I am very proud of them. All the kids got a certificate last term for 100% attendance! Yay! Harry got a certificate for being helpful and Charlie got one for working really hard! Ellie also got one for working hard, too! I am ever so proud of them all.I love them so, so much.

Well this was a bit of a random update, lol.

Sarah xXx

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