November book reviews #50books2013


Well... I don't think I'll make it to fifty books this year, I think I am nearing 30 though. 
Hopefully I'll squeeze a few more books in before this year is out! We will see. 

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A Last Kiss For Mummy - Casey Watson 

"Bestselling author and foster carer Casey Watson tells the heartbreaking true story of a teenage mother and baby in need of a safe and loving home.

At fourteen, Emma is just a child herself – and one who’s never been properly mothered. She has been in foster care several times already and when she discovered she was pregnant, and refused to have an abortion, her mother threw her out of the house.

Casey and her family instantly form a strong bond with Emma’s baby Roman, but dealing with Emma’s behaviour and constant lack of responsibility is a far tougher challenge. And before long Casey finds she’s doing something she never thought she would – covering up for Emma’s shortcomings as she allows her personal involvement to colour her judgement.

But the more Casey gets to know Emma the more she’s convinced that with the right help and guidance this lonely and unsupported girl can become a good mother to her gorgeous little boy. That’s what makes it even harder when Casey and her family have to make a stark choice: to hold on to Emma or look after Roman; to help a teenage girl desperate to turn her life around, or offer an innocent baby a safe home and much-needed good start in life." 

I have read all of Casey's books so far and can not wait for the next one.

Oh my goodness!! Where do I even begin? This book is really, really sad. But it's good...I've said it before and I'll say it again!! The world needs more people like Casey and her husband Mike. So inspirational.  
I  really can;t say too much more about this book, you just must read it! I don't want to spoil it.
Five stars from me!  

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