Children In Need.


Ha! I went to write a reasons to be cheerful post, then remembered there is no my reasons to be cheerful linky. Ahh, I'm going to really miss that.
I'll just write about children in need instead :D.
(Actually turns out that  Becky WIlloughby is hosting Reasons To Be Cheerful! - YAY!!) But I'll still write about children in need this week because it IS a reason to be cheerful (and grateful!). Children in need is a very good cause, helping children everywhere! It also makes me grateful to have what I do. But it makes me feel bad for those who are suffering. (Hope that made sense, lol!)

It's children in need tomorrow! Today, Ellie went to school dressed in PJs (onsie) as it's school photos tomorrow, so they're doing children in need early. She wore her onsie, dressing gown, slippers & Pudsey ears. And donated £1. I love children in need. It's such a good cause. I love watching it on T.V, too! The boys get to dress ups as super heroes tomorrow, or just there hero in general. Harry refuses to be a super hero, he's all "It's for little kids, I'm not a kid... I'm TEN" lol. Okaaay. So he's going to wear his footy kit. And Charlie is going to (hopefully) wear his batman outfit. There's also a cake competition at the school. The boys want to enter, not to win but just to sell the cakes at a cake sale and donate the money to children in need.. I think we're just going to make some simple cupcakes, maybe spotty ones? Shame I'm on a diet, lol. (I wanna lose 10lbs before xmas) Oh well, it will still be good fun baking cakes with the kiddies.

We'll probably just sit in front of the T.V wartching children in need tomorrow night! We have donated a few coins in various collection boxes, also paid £1 for the kiddies to dress up at school/wear PJ's, will be making cakes for them to sell, too!

What are your plans for Children In Need?

Sarah xXx

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  1. My 2 youngest are supposed to be super heroes too (unfortunately I can't find their dress up stuff!). R2BC is keeping going, Becky for Nov then me in Dec xx

  2. I have never heard of this before. Natalie would love to dress up for school!

  3. Beautiful blog!
    First time here and loving it.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  4. My little boy did a pj day at nursery. I had no clue it was for children in need - I am shamefully clueless about it! Next year I hope to get a bit more involved! Lovely post x

  5. My little 2 got dress up in onesies today at school and made a donation, looking forward to the tv later :)

    Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop...

  6. My younger two have done a sponsored silence today, I'm so proud of them! They also got to wear their onesies to school, which they loved!

  7. D was supposed to have PJ day at school but ended up ill off school so he ended up in PJ's at home! I have to admit it is the one time of year that I'm tempted to get a onesie as the kids look so cosy and snug in their onesies. xxx


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