Fun things to do this Spring for cheap or free!


I thought I'd put together a list of things to do with your family this spring!
(You can also check out my Spring Bucket List)

Make Easter baskets. We had such fun doing this last year and then we had a mini Easter egg hunt in the back garden, the kids loved hunting for the eggs in the grass and putting them there baskets that they made themselves! Such good fun. It's also easy, cheap & fun!

Go to a museum. We were lucky enough to go to Liverpool last year. We visited the world museum, it was FREE entry! We were in the museum a good couple of hours. Because it was free entry, the kids were able to get a souvenir in the gift shop! It was a fab day out, cheap and really, really good fun! We all had a wonderful time and were shattered at the end of the day. Some museums are free entry. Make sure you check before you go.

Go on a bug hunt! This is totally free! My little ones love looking around the garden for insects. Especially in the spring! We've found woodlouse, ants and lots of other fascinating insects in the past. Charlie even found a slow worm. Pretty amazing!!

Go for a walk! We love going on walks and seeing what we can spot! Ellie likes finding and spotting different flowers. The kids always burn off lots of energy! You could take a picnic, too! Make a day of it. We came across a meadow that we never even knew existed (it's well hidden) and it's only a ten minute walk from our house. Amazing.It's free and fun, too. You could even have a bug hunt on your walk!

A photo of the meadow.
Board Games! If the weather isn't very good (Spring can be quite wet at times, especially in April.) why not dig out those board games! Of course, you can do this any time of year and it doesn't need to be raining for board games fun. Why not play them in the garden if the weather is nice. Another fun, free activity for the whole family :)

Make something from a cardboard box. We're gonna see if we can get a big enough cardboard box to make a house or a car. I remember doing this when I was a kid. I had great fun painting & decorating my "house". The box was HUGE! I had hours of fin playing with it. I can't wait to do it with my little ones.

Baking! Spring and Easter is a great time to do some baking! We made some Easter bark last year! Yummy! It's SO easy! It doesn't cost a lot either :)
Our Easter bark! YUM!

What are some of the things you enjoy doing in the spring time?

Sarah xXx

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  1. Ohh lovely ideas! I'm going to make bark and do an egg hunt this year thanks for blogging your ideas!x

  2. Thanks for some fab ideas. You reminded me I've got loads of boxes I've been saving and meaning to make stuff out of for/with our Little Miss - Pinterest is great for ideas.

  3. Lots of fab ideas there. I've not really taken my kids to a museum yet, but they are getting old enough now, I might give it a go.
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKids

  4. SO many things to do now that's its officially Spring! Thanks for the suggestion =)


  5. The Easter bark looks amazing! We like going for walks. I took the kids to a museum in half-term, which my daughter and I really enjoyed (there was lots about Antartica and Captain Scott), but my boys were thoroughly miserable the whole time we were there!

  6. some lovely ideas there :) One of our plans is to visit the local nature centre and see how all the animals are getting on. We will also be making Easter Bark, we loved it last year.

  7. Great ideas.....I like the look of that Easter bark....I think we'll have to give it a try x

  8. We definitely do most of those :) All great ideas and even better because they are free. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  9. Great ideas! I love going for walls, going out for a coffee watching a DVD if it rains. Love your suggestions, as N gets bigger will be trying some!

  10. What fabulous ideas. I have lots planned from crafts, baking, nice family walks and we cannot wait. Not long now until the kids are off for Easter and we can get stuck in. Thanks for linking up to #madmidweekbloghop


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