My week that was... #TWTWC


I thought I would join in this week, with 'The week that was captured', linky. I haven't done this for a while, mainly because I've failed the 365 project.

Photos of our week!

So last Sunday was a beautiful day, Ellie even got to play outside in the garden for a while! We had a lovely blue evening sky!
Monday's picture is Charlie playing maths game on the kindle! Such fun.

Tuesday - Oh dear, what a bad day! Charlie jammed his fingers in the door. I felt incredibly bad for him. It's healed a bit now, he is however, left with a rather purple looking nail. He was lucky he didn't break his fingers! Poor kid.

Wednesday (the pic in the middle) - Ellie was off school as she had a high temperature! She wanted to do some school work too. Well done Ellie!

Thursday - Ellie started to feel better! She looks so grown up in that photo.

Friday - two photos for Friday, we reviewed some Easter/Spring suncatchers! Great fun!

Saturday - One minute it was sunny. The next? It was dull, dark and the hail came down like I had never seen before! It hailed so much that it actually looked like snow. Brrr.

I wonder what this week will bring?

Sarah xXx

Also linked up with Ordinary moments

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  1. Poor little man! Glad he's ok nothing hurts quite so much when your tiny! Glad Ellie is better too :) sun catchers look ace by the way, could use some xx

  2. Owwww to sore gingers. Cute pictures of your ordinary moments :-)

  3. Ouch, shutting your fingers in a door must be one of the most horrible things ever, I remember doing it when Iw as a child. I hope he is feeling a bit better now. Lovely photos of your week though! x

  4. Poor Charlie, I hope he's doing better, and Ellie too. I like this way of doing a weekly round up!

  5. Eeek! Sorry to hear about the finger situation! Ouch! Glad Ellie is feeling better - lovely photo!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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