This week's #TheGallery theme is 'Sport' so I thought I'd put together a few pictures from last summer of the kids taking part in sports! My boys are especially sporty, they love football and running around. They're such typical boys, hehe. They also enjoy basketball and most other sports, too! Ellie doesn't mind football and running.. She often wants me to race with her (hahah, me running?! LOL) her favourite is swimming though, she can't 'swim' as such (we're gonna work on that this summer!) but she enjoys trying to swim and being in the pool! Such fun, hehe.

playing ball
Harry LOVES football!
Basket Ball! Yay! 
Ellie playing in the pool.
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  1. Busy week! In here its a bit busy too. Today is a bit overwhelming but were are ok. Thanks for sharing nice photos.

  2. What a great post especially love all the photos. I was sports mad when I was going up matter fact all my siblings and I were. I swear we all did every sport we possible could sign up for. Basketball, volleyball, soccer, track & field, etc... It was so fun and I thinks sports give kids something possible to be a part of and focus on. Keeps them out of trouble for the most part too when they are older. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me and introducing me to your lovely blog again. I am loving it all! #sharewithme

  3. Aww lovely pictures, my kids love sports too :) thanks for sharing at WW :)

  4. Ah what gorgeous photos! My kids love being active too :)
    x x


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