Its really quite difficult to snap a photograph of all three children together. My eldest (Harry) is not a fan of having his photo taken, as you can see in this photo, he doesn't look very impressed! At least it's a photo of them all looking at the camera at the same time, right? None of them were expecting there photo to be taken, I just kind of snapped it while they were watching the T.V, haha. Those are the best kind of photos though - the unexpected ones (not that Harry would agree, lol)

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  1. Sometimes the best ones are the ones they weren't expecting! Thanks for linking up with #familyphotofriday - let me know your Twitter handle and I'll tweet about you! Hope to see you next week...

  2. I'm sure Harry will love looking back at how unimpressed he was when he's older!


  3. I love taking unexpected photos of people. I think they come out the best! Lovely photo :-) #familyphotofriday

  4. I love that they have different expressions on their faces but they are all cuteness! #livingarrows

  5. One of my favourite ever photos is of the girls watching TV. Sometimes the non-posed type are a million times better. Great capture!

  6. Gosh, they all look so much alike don't they! I can relate to getting a group shot! I still need to get one of all five of mine, NOT easy! haha! #livingarrows

  7. Sometimes it's the candid shots that capture and produce the best kind of photos. xxx #livingarrows


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