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Hackney child book
Hackney child by Hope Daniels & Morag Livingstone

"Hackney Child is about a resourceful child, whose parents are unable to cope. Hope is left to help her brothers survive poverty and the economic collapse of the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Her mother is a prostitute whose clients come to the home, and the children are exposed to her profession, knowing it is wrong, but without fully understanding.

Despite the challenges, the compassion Hope shows towards her parents, particularly her alcoholic father shows the nature of the child. Her resourcefulness and determination to survive is shown as she tries to do all she can to support her brothers, by gathering and stealing food, until it all gets too much. Hope became a ward of court and remained in the care system until she was 18 years old.

Hope believes that if she had not been in care she would have repeated the generational pattern of her own and many families: prostitution, drugs, prison; growing up with an inability to positively contribute to society.

Without the support of professionals within and out of the care system she would, as an adult, have become a burden on the taxpayer, rather than the contributing individual she has worked hard to become. Despite popular belief, children in care are damaged before going into the care system, not always because of the care system. However flawed the care system may be, it is often better than home"

My thoughts - This book is based on Hope's childhood and is therefore a true story. Hope reflects on her childhood and how she grew up in very servire poverty. She ended up in care with her two younger brothers. It's an extremely sad story but is beautifully written. It saddens me to think how some children lived (and probably still do). This book really did open my eyes. I personally think Hope is a very brave lady (now a grandmothers) to share her story with the world. 
I rate this book five stars.

I am Lubo book
I am Lubo by Lou Pechi. 

"This is a true story of growing up, before, during, and after the Holocaust. It tells about his struggle, not only to survive, but also to keep his true identity throughout those difficult years. This is also an inspirational story that needs to be told. The story narrated through the eyes of a young boy, fascinated by the all the happenings yet unaware of the dangers that surround him. Despite all the fear, humiliation, difficulties of constant movement, changes of identity, separation from his parents, Lubo remains upbeat and positive. The German bombing of Belgrade, and the brutal prosecution of the Jews in Croatia that followed, shatter Lubo's pre-war idyllic life in Zagreb, Croatia. To save their lives Lubo's parents flee to Italy. Not knowing what awaits them, they leave seven year old Lubo with his aunt, married to his Catholic uncle. Two years later, at the age of eight someone informs the Nazis and he is arrested and ready to be sent to the concentration camp in Germany. Through intervention of friends and relatives he is released six hours before the scheduled convoy departure and smuggled to his parents in Italy. The family's relative safety in Treviso, Italy is broken by the German invasion that forces them to flee again to Rome, where the Allies eventually liberate them. After the liberation, Lubo returns to Communist Yugoslavia, emigrates to Israel, and finally arrives to the United States"

My thoughts-  This is a different kind of holocaust book. It's write from a childs perspective which makes it a little different to other holocaust books I've read in the past. Lubo also doesn't understand the danger that he's in, during the holocaust. 
It's sad in places but not as sad as other books of this nature. It's a very touching book. It's written really well and I really am glad I read this book! I'd give this book 4 stars!

 Sarah xXx

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  1. I've always wanted to read Hackney child as I also grew up in care in Hackney, thanks for reminding me about it! ;)


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