Signs of spring.


Ellie and I went for a lovely walk yesterday to test out my new camera that I got for my Birthday (which was also yesterday). We decided we were gonna look for signs of spring!

We saw lots of flowers, daffodils, some buds on a couple of trees and lots of other things! We walked along the nature trail footpath.


We ended up in the church yard on the way home where we spotted some squirrels! Luckily I had remembered to take some nuts with me, lol.

Nature and wild life, ups and downs

We also fed the squirrels some nuts! We stoeod and watched them eat the nuts for a while. They were so fast, it was hard to get a good photo, lol. Ellie was like "Can we take the squirrels home with us" haha. They are super cute!


I treated Ellie to packet of malteasers and a fruit shoot!We sat down on the bench for a rest before heading home.


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  1. Bit of a treat to see squirrels - they always hang round the churchyards here too. N never sees them as he always looks in the wrong direction!

  2. I REALLY hope Spring is here to stay - I thought that last year and then in the second week of March we disappeared under a couple of feet of snow!

  3. Those flowers look fab! Great you have a new camera to take photo's with! Belated birthday wishes to you!

  4. awww Sarah I hope you had a super birthday, a camera is a lovely gift to get :-) heres to more spring xx

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  5. Lovely photos from your girlie spring walk and happy belated birthday for yesterday! Thanks for linking up and sharing your fun with Country Kids.

  6. Happy belated birthday :) Your new camera certainly does do the trick - I love the photos. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  7. Sounds like a lovely day :) #theGallery

  8. Belated happy birthday. What a lovely gift x


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