Meal Planning Monday #MealPlanningMonday


Meal Planning Monday

I am trying gluten free so some of this I can't have. I am going to look into gluten free spag bol and curry though!

Does anyone have any easy gluten free recipes they'd be kind enough to share with me, please?
I also have a slow cooker now, hoping to use that to make the spicy chicken, spag bol, chicken korma etc! I can't wait!!

Monday - Home made chicken nuggets with home made chips, served with baked beans.

Tuesday - Spag bol. Served with garlic bread.

Wednesday - Spicy chicken with rice.

Thursday - Minced beef and onion pie, mash & peas served with gravy.

Friday - Pizza day!!

Saturday - Chicken korma with rice and naan bread.

Sunday - Sunday roast dinner. Not sure what meat yet though.

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  1. It all sounds very tasty :)
    No suggestions from me for gluten-free I'm afraid (we're in the world of dairy free) but I've found goodfood is pretty good for 'freefrom' recipes

  2. Yummy!

    I don't have any gluten free recipes but I imagine there are tons on Pinterest.

  3. I think it's Cupcake mumma that does some gluten free recipes, there is another and as soon as I can remember her name I will let you know.
    Also, have you tried Pinterest? xx

  4. Great meal plan! Everything sounds fab!!


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