My reasons to be cheerful this week!! #R2BC


I have been suffering with headaches again a lot recently. I am so, so hoping I won't need another lumbar puncture. Right now it has eased off a little because I've taken some strong pain killers. Needless to say I have been feeling rather miserable this week. I'm scheduling this post in case my headache is bad again tomorrow. It's hard to concentrate on a blog post when I have a bad headache! The reasons to be cheerful blog hop is the perfect opportunity for me to remind myself of the positives and indeed, remind myself of the reasons to be happy! So here goes:

  1. Kids - I am so grateful that I have good kids. I've had a headache a lot lately and they are quite understanding, they can be very helpful and considerate at times. They amuse themselves quite happily and will sit quietly with me watching films/DVDs. Don't get me wrong, they certainly have there moments (don't most kids?) but overall they are pretty good, especially when I don't feel my best. They are my whole entire world <3 li="" nbsp="">
  2. A new arrival - I'm gonna be an auntie again (3rd time). My brothers girlfriend is pregnant! She's around 16 weeks, could be a little more. I am so excited! They've promised me I can go shopping for baby things with them. I love shopping for baby things, so I am really excited about, that! Ha, it's the little things in life that keep me happy (shopping for baby things). 
  3. Friends - I'm really lucky to have some amazing online friends who are there to offer me support, advice and just be there for me. I don't have many (what I can call real) friends in real life. It's nice to know that there's always someone there for me, I can either email or message on Facebook. Honestly, I don't know where I would be without those people. I also have a best friend in real life who is always there for me too. So yes, having a lovely group of friends online/offline is certainly a reason to be cheerful. 
  4. Family - I also have an amazing fella. Even though he lives 300 odd miles away, he is always there for me. I am very lucky. I was also lucky enough to see my mum, brother etc.this week. It was nice to see them. My mum is a little stressed lately, I really hope things calm down for her soon.
  5. Charlie won a book, a book token and a certificate for dressing up in a creative way for world book day! I am so very proud of him. :)
What are your reasons to be cheerful this week? Why not join in the blog hop which is hosted by Lakes Single Mum.

Sarah xXx

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  1. Hope the headaches ease up soon and congrats on the win and being an aunty again.

  2. Lovely reasons :) Congrats on Charlie's book win and on becoming an Auntie again..very exciting! x

  3. I love shopping for baby things too !! And my daughter is also really understanding when I have a headache. I was suffering from them really badly a month or 2 ago and had to lie in a dark room for hours not moving. She would just occupy herself in another room. I didn't know she was capable of such quiet play !! haha

  4. Some very lovely reasons there.
    Well done to Charlie (and you!)
    Enjoy the baby shopping expedition and take care of you

  5. Hope your headaches ease off for you! New arrivals are always a good reason to be cheerful x

  6. Awesome! Great reasons to be happy.

  7. Congrats Aunty Sarah! :)

    Hope you're feeling better soon. x

  8. hope you are feeling better, my kids can be super when I am ill too! enjoy the new arrival though it will be hard waiting for nearly 6 months. I agree family are just fab

  9. What a lot of lovely reasons. Congratulations on being an Aunt again. I think kids are so perceptive when you are poorly - I hope the headaches ease soon. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  10. Sounds like you've had a pretty good week. Hope the headaches don't get you too down xx

  11. I don't want to pick out any particular reason to be cheerful, they are all so good!
    I do hope you feel better soon, I know what it's like to be in pain all the time xx


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