My reasons to be cheerful this week #R2BC


I haven't done reasons to be cheerful for a while now and I really miss it! Sometimes I NEED to remind myself of reasons to be cheerful and today is one of those times. I've had a really bad week this week and thought I'd remind myself of all the reasons to be cheerful by joining in this lovely linky which is hosted by Lakes single mum.

Beautiful evening sky!

  1. It's the first day of spring, finally! Yay! You have no idea how glad I am that it is finally spring. The sun is shining today and the weather is quite mild. I can't wait to get outside more with the kids, go on picnics and achieve some of the things on our spring bucket list! Such fun, hehe. 
  2. Ellie has been feeling under the weather but seems a little bit better today, thank goodness. She's had a high temperature for two days but it seems to be going down now, thank goodness. Hopefully she'll feel 100% herself, soon. So my second reason to be cheerful is that Ellie is getting better! *knocks on wood* 
  3. My third reason to be cheerful is that I am going to sort the boys room out today! I finally have there new bunk beds. Today's task is taking the old ones down and putting the new ones up. At last! It's taken a while to save for but so worth it. Wish me luck, I'm doing it alone :/ It's gonna look a lot better in there room with new bunk beds and a nice new canvas wardrobe. 
  4. I'm glad tomorrow is Friday! I am looking forward to nice relaxing weekend (hopefully headache free). Perhaps even a lie in on Sunday! We shall see. 
What are your reasons to be cheerful this week? Why not join in the blog hop below and share your reasons to be cheerful :)

Sarah xXx 

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  1. horrid when they are ill so glad she is better. Good luck with bunk bed construction - from experience its interesting trying it on your own!

    Thanks for joining in :-)

  2. I must link up to this again. So glad LO is on the mend and Erm yeah good luck with the beds!! X

  3. Glad your little one is feeling better - Good luck with the room! do it with wine

  4. Oh dear, I just read your bad week post! Glad you could find any reasons. Hopefully the only way will be up xx

  5. I always think this linky works even better when you are having a tough week. You are keeping on keeping on which is sometimes enough and all we can do. The sunshine helps. I am taking inspiration from you on the bunk bed front as think this will work better as likely to be moving to house with smaller bedrooms. Have a lovely week

  6. Hope putting the bunk beds up worked out :-)

  7. I love thinking of reasons to be cheerful - it immediately cheers me lol. My R2BC this week are,
    1. today is my day off and I'm visiting a new wholesaler who stocks lots of exciting new products for my business
    2. I have a busier than normal week at work - I love a full diary
    3. My friend came and helped me sort out the garden after the mess it was left in after winter and this week I am going to buy some new pots of flowers to brighten it up
    4. I'm going to have my hair done on Weds afternoon - I'm going as a model for my Godson so other than a tip for him that's a freebie - always a bonus :)
    And I'm sure there will be lots of other R2BC as the week goes on. Hope yours is a good one


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