One of *those* weeks.


It's been one of *those* weeks this week!
Everything has gone wrong.

Charlie jammed his fingers in the door last night, his little finger and the finger next to it on his left hand are really swollen and bruised. He was so lucky that it's not broken or anything! I feel so bad for him though, it looks so painful and sore. His nail has gone all black :(
Ellie is poorly, she has a temperature and hasn't really eaten very much, she's drinking plenty of fluids though. It's weird because usually when she's poorly she's usually still quite active but not this time. I feel so bad for her too! It's horrible when the kids are ill, I feel so helpless.

I have had zero motivation this week and have a headache for a couple of days. Blah! I've also had a clumsy week, broke two plates, a glass and a candle holder thing, that is just so typically me, lol.
I can't wait for this week to be over. Perhaps next week will be a better week?

The boys are dressing up as there sporting heroes (footballers) for sports relief on Friday! They are really excited, aww. I'm not sure if Ellie is dressing up or if her school are doing anything in aid of sports relief, I should imagine they are but because she hasn't been today, I've not had any letter yet.

I've not got any plans for this weekend, we were suppose to visit my grandparents but because Ellie's been poorly, I think it's best we leave it a week or so, just in case she's contagious. We don't want to spread any germs, my grandparents are old!

Hmm, I can't think of much else to type! I jus twanted to write a general update on life, lol.

Sarah xXx

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  1. Aww! I hope everyone is feeling better soon!! xxx

  2. Hope your week has got a bit better now. It's horrible when the kids are poorly,isn't it. Makes us mums feel bad.


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