Bared to you - Sylvia Day book review


First, I must say that I don't mean to compare it to 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' but it is *so* much like that book. Just better written.
This book is well written, it is very erotic. It does have a wonderful story.
Eva moves to Manhattan as she has a new job there. She moved with his best friend Cary. She soon bumps into Gideon, a very handsome, wealthy man who owns the 'crossfire' industry, where Eva works. They have an instant attraction and he wastes no time telling her what he wants. Right from the start there is an intense sexual attraction between Eva and Gideon. Eva has more of a backbone than Ana in the fifty shades book.

Gideon is over protective  strong yet vulnerable and Eva is too. Eva and Gideon both have traumatic pasts. They share an incredible bond but every time something goes "wrong" or she doesn't like/agree with in there relationship, Eva runs away from Gideon which makes matters worse and tears them further apart. As the book goes on I really got the impression that they were trying to heal one another. Eva's love for Gideon is clearly very strong. I guess we'll see in the next book how it all works out...

It's quite emotional in places and a very addictive read. I read this book within a few days.

Sarah xXx

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  1. Sounds interesting, a little deeper than 50 shades maybe?


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