There's no rest for the wicked.


Gosh, it has been one busy weekend!
Friday we painted & glossed the boys room. Put there bunk beds up in there room - that was awkward because there really wasn't much room to move around to actually put them up, we managed though.
We put Ellies new mid sleeper bed up today, put all her things in her new room, that took me HOURS. I finally got my room half organised. I sorted the kids books out, some of the toys & organised both rooms! I still have LOADS to do but honestly, I haven't stopped all day, I am knackered. While I did all of that my fella cooked a lovely roast dinner & tidied downstairs (he also helped put the bed up!)

Things to to do (goals) this week:

  • Take the extra tub of paint back to B&Q - exchange it for pink paint for Ellies room. 
  • Undercoat and gloss the skirting boards window sill and door in Ellies room 
  • Measure both rooms - carpets! (Should'a done this first but haven't got the funds gonna see if we can find off cuts/end of the roll cheap, as both rooms are quite small)
  • Put Ellies new curtain pole up 
  • Put the boys curtain pole up & light shade. 
  • Sort out my bedroom - get that organised! 
  • Buy a bulb for Ellies lamp! Been meaning to do this for ages, I keep forgetting. Costs under £1! MUST REMEMBER! 
  • Finish the bathroom. (Probably do that towards the end of the week)
Lets hope I can achieve all of that this week! Honestly, the painting will take about two hours, the glossing we're going to do tomorrow before my fella goes home (totally sucks that he's got to go home.) Also going to exchange the paint tomorrow, too and put the curtain poles up.
Tuesday I need to go grocery shopping (and buy that bulb for Ellies lamp!) & organise my bedroom a little better. Wednesday I'll paint Ellies bedroom. I am really going to be busy this week!
When the bedrooms are finished I will share pics with you all =) I am really chuffed with what we have achieved this weekend. Feeling quite proud of myself, actually, lol!
Right gonna go get a nice hot bubble bath and read my book. I'll try not to fall asleep, lol.
Sarah xXx

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