Reasons to be cheerful (week 3)


Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Golly gosh! This week has been one busy week! Again. It's great to be busy though, I prefer being busy than bored! Or at least bored of the same thing (usually housework, whihc of course I still had to do, lol. It does make it more tolerable though when there are things besides housework to do.) 
So my reasons to be cheerful this week are as follows.

1) We decorated the boys bedroom last Friday, it looks amazing! Just need carpet now. Before we painted it, it was my daughters room and the previous tenants had painted it like a hot but deep dusky pink (kind of hard to describe). Obviously two boys didn't want a bright pink bedroom, lol. So we painted it sky blue. Glossed the skirting boards and doors (the airing cupboard is also in there room) and the door frames. Looks 898987747 times better!  It was awkward moving the bunk beds out of there old bedroom and into there (new)room though as there really wasn't much space. We did it though. I had a giggle fit because at one point I got very stuck and was holding the metal (which is heavy!!) frame of the bunk-bed and I just couldn't stop laughing because I was just so stuck and in such a small space, I couldn't move. Not really funny but I guess it's one of those moments where you just have to be there :-P
(I just need some wall decor, maybe a canvas? and new carpet and the boys room is complete!)

2) Today I painted my daughters rooms. It was white wallpaper (the kind you paint over, not sure what you call it?) with like a pattern on. THAT paper is hard to paint! 5 liters of paint was not enough! (Yet the boys room is slightly bigger, the colour was darker to paint over with a lighter colour and we only needed 5 liters and STILL have some left.) The wallpaper soaked it up I guess. It's dried ever so patchy, so next week I will buy another tub (when I get paid) and give her room a second coat. Also put her curtain pole up by myself, SO proud of myself for doing that! Ha, amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. It's probably not a big deal to anyone else but to me it is a big deal, haha. *my fella is back home now - 250+miles away! :( Hence why I put the curtain pole up, lol.* 
I just need wall decor (I have some peppa pig canvas to put up and a shelf for the DVDs, will do that after the second coat though. Also need new carpet)

3) The above two reasons also mean I've achieved 2 of my '101 in a 1001' list (I will post that in my blog over the weekend + my goals for this week are complete, just to organise my bedroom tomorrow and I think I've completed my goals for this week! Yay! :D 

4) I am SO looking forward to a nice chilled weekend. I need it. Last weekend was ever so busy. I didn't stop ALL weekend. I also haven't been sleeping very well so am hoping for a bit of a lay in this weekend. The boys will be at there dads so it'll just be me and my 5 y/o daughter. She's quite placid when she's on her own and will probably climb into bed with me (when she wakes up Sunday morning) and watch a DVD and fall back asleep. Love laying in bed watching a Disney movie at 8am on a Sunday morning, it's great! :o)

Roll on bedtime so I can have a nice peaceful bath and wash my hair! I'm covered in paint, lol!

Sarah xXx

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  1. Well done on the decorating, the rooms look fab! I too have a list of around 1001 to do eek.
    I hope you have a lovely chilled weekend :) x

  2. wow rooms look fab....I hate decorating lol..Hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend x

  3. I love your daughters room! All boys in this house so no pink.....AnyWhere :-(. And that sunday morning sounds perfect x

  4. You have been busy. You so deserve what sounds like a perfect Sunday morning with daughter and Disney.

  5. love the rooms makeover - they are looking great. hope you have a relaxing weekend. xxx

  6. Wow, you've been busy. I bet the kids are really chuffed. Well done you :) x

  7. Congrats on the decorating - the rooms look great! Hope that you have a lovely, relaxing weekend.
    Kat - An English Mamma in Stockholm (


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